Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why Autistic Children Think in Pictures Instead of Words?

Communication skills in children with autism differ from the norm, including the processes of thinking. Autistic children find the words, too busy, so it's easier to keep the information through images. With the memory of the image, autistic children are able to understand others and express themselves.

Autistic children learn verbal language by converting text to images. Although the typical tasks sequentially thinker fact, people with autism have a visual way of thinking. So the forms of images and color pictures play an important role in their thinking. Help children with autism learn a vocabulary that is simpler, is currently facing.

Research shows that people with autism think visually, as a part of the brain associated with visual tasks active. Furthermore, the language centers and in cortical brain regions that are not sync with the disorder.

Visual thinking helps children with autism, to compensate the oral and written. Because their brains work differently, to understand better what with the construction of visual and memorable. Approaches to sensory and not the Word, and to compartmentalize the small details of an entire image to be created.

Abstract words and ideas can be conveyed through visual concepts, such as images and objects. For example, if an animal does this filled a happy child, what a visual symbol for the word happy. Bright colors may evoke images of brain activity, the thought of children with autism.

Spatial memory with images or objects that people working with autism to develop appropriate language and communication skills to enable them to function in society. It is easier to express themselves in a structured environment, like to think visually, it is important to be informed in visualizations, such as images, objects, symbols or designs.

A series of words or oral instructions obtained through visual demonstration. For example, the word up is easier to express an image of the balloon is gently lifted colors. This point of view, as cards and notebooks with soft colors, easy among autistic children, to keep their numbers and education and other concepts. Long sentences should be avoided oral or written, because children with autism have difficulty remembering many levels or phrases.

The survey compared the brain regions of people with autism that made that most people with autism excel in art and design. Therefore, children with autism are also color coded system that can think through memory image. For example, an autistic child to learn more about what to do at an intersection point of the approach. These considerations are color coded small photos of various types of intersections. When the situation occurs, the mind gathers information and makes it visually resembles the child with autism, what to do at an intersection.

Children with autism think in pictures rather than words, because it is easier for them to sort and store information. Connecting a name to make the color and shape of objects and images, the autistic child creates a spatial thinking, which makes it easier for them to understand and communicate.

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