Sunday, October 4, 2009

Causes of Depression

The investigators found that often the cause of the disease. Among the causes of this disease is very simple. For example, a broken leg is the result of strain in the muscles of the legs. The knee pain is the result of disruption of tendons and ligaments. The runny nose is the result of the cold. But the situation is not so easy with depression because there is no single cause of depression. Moreover, there is also a source very difficult to determine the outcome, this type of depression. Depression occurs because of disruption of nerve cells in the brain, on which are able to communicate.

Family Background: Depression may be an inherited disorder in some cases. Depression can be transmitted from one generation to another within a family. Thus, if the parents or their ancestors had a depression in their lives when there are more chances of depression in children.

The stress of the disaster: The unfortunate incident such as death or separation from a loved one in a relationship can also cause cancer. Depression can also be caused by the sudden change in his life. This includes the positive changes that can marry a new job and, as always.
You can also depressed because some of the great financial crisis to suffer serious losses to the economy.

Pessimistic approach: May people have a negative attitude towards life, suffering from depression. People with low self-esteem, prestige, and those who underestimate always susceptible to cancer. However, depression occurs in these factors is very mild

Physical symptoms: Depression can also occur because the. Diseases such as cardiovascular disease, chronic and HIV. These diseases are the direct cause of depression, but does the immune system. Thus, the body's ability to combat the burden of diseases.
Thus, depression can easily see these people.

Mental illness: depression itself is a mental disorder, and other psychological problems such as anxiety and Alzheimer's disease can also cause depression.

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